‘Bridgerton’ Star Nicola Coughlan Reveals Little-Known Detail About Penelope

‘Bridgerton’ Star Nicola Coughlan Reveals Little-Known Detail About Penelope

Spoilers for Bridgerton season two ahead.Dearest, gentle reader, ‘Bridgerton’ star Nicola Coughlan has proved to be a valued member of the ton by sharing a little-known piece of information about her character.

As the Shondaland show has returned for a new scandalous, record-smashing season at Netflix, the Irish actress has reprised the role of shy Penelope Featherington (and that of her alter ego, anonymous writer and businesswoman Lady Whistledown). In a recent Instagram post, Coughlan has revealed something about Penelope that not many viewers knew about, a little detail reveal that would make Whistledown proud.


‘Bridgerton’ Star Nicola Coughlan Celebrates Penelope Featherington

Now in its second chapter, ‘Bridgerton’ has treated viewers to many lavish balls and spectacular soirées, but not to a wealth of birthday bashes. During the Regency era, many had their birthdays brightened by gifts, flowers and messages, but they weren’t in the limelight of huge parties, unless they happened to be royalty.

Taking to Instagram, Coughlan shared a little secret about Penelope with her 1.7 million followers, and it involves the character’s birthday. The actress posted a picture of herself as Penelope, posing pensive on a staircase while donning a yellow gown, the Featheringtons’ signature color.

“HBD Penelope Featherington, I love playing you even though you’re a sneaky lil minx,” the actress wrote, adding a yellow heart emoji for good measure.

“Hbd Pen x,” actor Luke Newton, who plays Penelope’s love interest Colin Bridgerton, replied.

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Penelope’s Birthday Is Revealed In The Books

As readers of the novels by Julia Quinn that inspired the series will know, Pen celebrates her birthday on April 8. It’s the author who revealed this information in one of the books, focused on the romance between Penelope and Colin.

“On the tenth of April, in the year 1813 — precisely two days after her seventeenth birthday, Penelope Featherington made her debut into London society. She hadn’t wanted to do it. She begged her mother to let her wait a year.”

After Daphne and the Duke and Anthony and Kate, the upcoming seasons of ‘Bridgerton’ will zero in on the relationship between Colin and Penelope.

In love with her best friend’s Eloise’s brother ever since she can remember, will Penelope finally have the chance to reveal her true feelings for him, and will they be requited? It seems likely, which means Penelope and Colin’s very own intimate scenes (raciness and a sex-positive approach being some of the show’s most distinctive traits) are underway. Stay tuned.

‘Bridgerton’ season one and two are streaming on Netflix.

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